Wildeck Showcases Mezzanine Capabilities

Tradeshows play an integral role in Wildeck’s marketing strategy. In addition to affording opportunities for lead generation and sales channel support, participants inevitably make decisions and judgments about a company’s capabilities based upon their booth presentation. Attention to detail is a must!


Wildeck’s Marketing Department understands the optics of tradeshow presentation and is always seeking ways to increase booth traffic and customer experience. While examining its tradeshow schedule for the second half of 2019, an opportunity to increase the “wow factor” of the company’s booth emerged. Global Industrial’s 2019 National Trade Show and Pack Expo would both be opportunities to showcase Wildeck’s evolving mezzanine capabilities.


In order to get Wildeck’s new mezzanine demo unit prepared in time for these shows, the Wildeck marketing department reached out to Wildeck’s employee owners. At each point in the production process, Wildeck’s employees happily rolled up their sleeves and did their part to quickly move the project forward. Specifically, Ken Brahm (left), a Drafter Designer, ensured that the drawings for the new demo unit were prepared in a timely and accurate manner and Mike Sullivan (right), an Assistant Supervisor on first shift, made sure that the demo unit’s components were fabricated in advance of the first tradeshow.   


The final result of this collaborative effort was a new mezzanine demo unit that was easier to ship and assemble. The unit showcased Wildeck’s innovative square tube handrail. At Global Industrial’s tradeshow in August, the new unit made its debut and received high praise from the show’s participants. Additionally, at Pack Expo in October, a substantial number of leads to potential customers were generated as a result of the demo unit’s presence.