Get Your Brand Back in 2024 with MSHN Packaging

Give Your Brand a Competitive Edge with Engaging D2C Mailers + Shippers

Prepping for success in the new year? Explore the following key focus areas for 2024, and learn how MSHN Packaging can help your brand gain a competitive edge in the new year.

Focus on Pricing

Reduce packaging costs, boost your bottom line and get your brand back with engaging direct-to-consumer (D2C) packaging.

Save over 16%* on materials, labor and shipping for your D2C program with MSHN Packaging. Explore the benefits in our whitepaper. (*Actual results may vary.)

Focus on Sustainability

Embrace eco-conscious packaging choices. Mailers + Shippers by Nosco are crafted from sustainably forested and recyclable materials. Plus, their right-sized structures are engineered for enhanced sustainability and cost reduction. Click here to learn more.

Focus on eCommerce

Accelerating eCommerce trends create a need for practical, visually appealing and efficient D2C packaging. The global eCommerce market has surged to over $16 trillion USD, with a projected $70 trillion USD by 2028 (27.38% CAGR). This means that one in three people shop online using a connected device!

Get to Know MSHN Packaging

We’re on a mission to build better direct-to-consumer mailers and shippers. Better for your customer experience. Better for the environment. Better for your product. No matter your mission, MSHN Packaging has you covered.

Take control of your brand impression with an ideal blend of visual appeal, sustainability and cost efficiency. Ready to get your brand back in 2024? Connect with our team today to start the conversation or request a Rapid Packaging Development session.