About Holden


Holden Industries, Inc. is an employee-owned corporation headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois. As the parent organization of a group of diversified manufacturing companies, Holden is dedicated to profitable growth through capital-efficient reinvestment and strategic acquisitions.

Holden Industries manages a balanced portfolio of manufacturing companies providing precision-engineered products to businesses worldwide. The portfolio of Holden companies includes:

Nosco, a full-service packaging solutions provider delivering a best-in-class customer experience. Nosco capitalizes on its extensive knowledge of printing for clients that require highly controlled processes to comply with industry regulations in the pharmaceutical, personalization, personal care, natural health, and confectionary and snack markets.

Setco, the industry leader in the design, manufacture and repair of specialty spindles in a large variety of applications. Innovative product and superior manufacturing knowledge have made Setco a technical leader in the industry.

Vac-Con, offering world-class service for the municipal and private contractor segments domestically and internationally. Vac-Con and its subsidiary, Vector Technologies, provide industrial vacuum products for sewer cleaning, industrial vacuuming, hydro excavation and sewer flushing.

Wildeck, a premier manufacturer of standard and custom-designed industrial steel mezzanine platforms, vertical reciprocating conveyors, rideable material and vehicle lifts, guardrail, conveyor crossovers, rolling ladders, custom work platforms and safety gates for distribution and manufacturing applications.