Holden Industries Difference

The Holden Industries Difference

Leading in Managing Operations According to the Highest Business Principles

Holden's businesses are committed to meeting their customers' needs and ensuring ongoing product innovation and development. The heart of our success is our patented design solutions, quality products, superior dealer/distributor services and customer support. Holden strives to continuously improve the operational performance of all disciplines with its principle focus being:

  • Identifying the needs of its customers,
  • Developing innovative products and services to meet those needs, and
  • Producing products at the best-cost in highly efficient facilities.

Holden is always interested in new acquisitions that complement its unique business holdings and share this focus. We are continually looking at innovation in new products and searching for new markets in which to expand.

People are a significant part of Holden's success. Holden is proud of its employees and supports their accomplishments based on a philosophy of engagement, continuing education and participative management.

I’m part of a bigger team.
What I do on-the-job can impact how I, and my coworkers, benefit from the ESOP. By delivering my best effort,
I can help grow our company and enrich our lives in the future.
I am building value.

I have a place here.
My role is important and I take pride in it – doing my best, helping others, and looking for ways to improve.
By striving to understand connections between my work, others’ roles and overall expectations,
I strengthen the company and the ESOP.
It begins with me.

I do more than show up.
I decide to be ready, do well, and think beyond a single moment. Being active in my role can
positively impact my career, the company’s future, and the ESOP benefit.
I choose to be here and now... every day.

There’s no status quo.
I want to learn and develop my skills. The success of the business depends on continuously looking to improve
and develop good working relationships with coworkers, vendors and customers.
With my strong service and efforts to grow...
I can reach new heights.

I help foster a culture of putting customers first.
Knowing what is most important, I work to consistently exceed expectations. When issues arise, I find solutions
and seek improvement to enhance what we deliver. Our business and the ESOP rely on customers.
I serve them.

I’m dependable and reliable.
I value honesty and hard work – making decisions every day that can impact our company and the ESOP.
My motivation and positive actions support a healthy, thriving workplace.
Being an employee owner means doing the right thing.

It’s more than doing my part.
I’m a partner – serving my coworkers so that we can succeed and build ESOP value.
Working toward a common goal is good for the company and each of us.
I am part of a whole.