Nosco Continues Color Commitment with Prestigious G7® Colorspace Compliance Qualification

Nosco recently announced that it has earned the prestigious Idealliance G7® Master Colorspace Compliance qualification for cartons at its Packaging Innovation Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Through this qualification, Nosco joins an elite group of print service providers that have successfully demonstrated masterful compliance and maintenance of targeted G7 levels throughout the entire color space.

“Through this achievement, Nosco’s headquarters facility is now known as a Master Printer by Idealliance,” said Sean Shubin, Color Solutions Manager at Nosco. “Our teams are committed to creating value for customers through superior printed products. As a Master Printer through Idealliance, Nosco’s customers can rest assured knowing that their products will be consistently reproduced with expert color control.”

G7 is Idealliance’s set of industry-leading specifications used to achieve visual consistency across all print processes, and refers to grayscale (G), plus CMYKRGB seven (7) colors. To achieve G7 compliance, print service providers must successfully demonstrate their capabilities against global industry standards and specifications. By aligning with the G7® Master Colorspace Compliance qualification, Nosco has demonstrated the consistent reproduction of gray balance, tonality, overprinting, shared neutral appearance and the entire color space. This was accomplished utilizing a range of inks, substrates and print technologies.

“We are proud to have earned this high achievement,” said Shubin. “By maintaining our commitment to consistent color, we will help drive the business forward with reliable and quality print that aligns with our mission of helping our customers save lives around the world.”