Steve Krueger Promoted to FlexPack Growth Manager

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Steve Krueger to FlexPack Growth Manager. With this promotion, Steve’s primary responsibilities will include coaching, problem solving, pricing, prospecting and the overall growth of our FlexPack value stream. Steve will also lead and support the development of our FlexPack-focused Packaging Advisors, and assist customers with various FlexPack related projects!


Steve joined Nosco in 2009 as a Customer Service Rep. He later served as a New Business Leader, New Product Development Manager and other strategic roles throughout the organization. In his most recent role, Steve served as FlexPack Product Manager on the Solutions Engineering team. In this role, Steve served customers with standardized FlexPack options, custom 1:1 solutions and more.

Some of Steve’s key contributions include:

  • Working closely on the creation of Nosco’s FlexPack Product Selector tool to reduce transaction costs and decrease cycle times when quoting new opportunities.
  • Helping develop a new workflow for use when purchasing raw materials, including a standardized email template and FlexPack footage calculation. This led to further standardization of the process.
  • Serving as a founding member of Nosco’s Unpacked YouTube Channel to educate customers on the complexities of FlexPack.

Steve is a valued and respected member of the team. We applaud his past contributions and look forward to his future success. Check out some of Steve’s work on Nosco Unpacked at: Be sure to like and subscribe while you’re there!