2022 Sustainability Results at Nosco

Earlier this year, Nosco implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility team focused on improving our environmental and social governance efforts. The team is made up of leaders from across the organization who are committed to driving sustainability efforts in all areas of the business. In an effort to show our commitment to sustainability, Nosco is:

  • Changing our company culture and getting more employees involved in our sustainability programs.
  • Implementing new policies to formalize our sustainability efforts further.
  • Incorporating sustainability messaging and conversations as part of our recruitment efforts.
  • Increasing our focus on work-life balance, community service (group volunteering) and diversity in our employee engagement efforts.

Sustainability Practices

Here is a look at the 2021 environmental impact of Nosco’s waste and recycling programs:

  • Water Saved: 54,680,360 Gallons
  • Landfill Space Saved: 26,201 Cubic Yards
  • Air Pollutants Not Released into the Environment: 468,689 Pounds
  • Trees Saved: 132,795
  • Energy Saved: 31,629,077 Kilowatts
  • Oil Saved: 75,303 Barrels

In addition to these sustainability practices, Nosco’s annual waste recycling from corporate and employee efforts totaled 7,842.25 tons of paper, aluminum and plastic.

We look forward to taking our sustainability and social responsibility efforts to the next level in the coming years!