Vac-Con Builds Unit # 9,000


Vac-Con Builds Unit 9,000


GREEN COVE SPRINGS, Florida – Vac-Con announced that it has manufactured its 9,000th truck build since its founding in 1986.


The 9,000th build milestone comes just before the close of 2020 and is a source of pride, encouragement, and excitement for the approximately 300 employee-owners at the operation.


In the past, Vac-Con has celebrated these milestones with large gatherings, food, and an iconic company photo of all of the employees with the unit. As with most things in 2020, this milestone build celebration will look different from years past but will be of no less value to the company.


“As we enter our 35th year of business, we are excited to move forward on the momentum of our 9,000th truck ever built,” said Todd Masley, President. “We have made a tradition of celebrating our thousand-builds, and though our plans have been changed in 2020, we want our employee-owners to understand the importance and impact of their contributions to our 9,000th unit and business as a whole.”


In lieu of the company photo, the Vac-Con Marketing Team will be completing photos of the unit in front of a local, historical venue – the Clay Theater. “We found it appropriate to get photos of this unit in front of a local piece of history as a way to mark our own history as a Clay County, Florida manufacturer.”


In honor of the accomplishment, a custom ‘T9K’ – or Truck 9,000 – logo was created and will be used throughout 2021 on various employee and marketing pieces.

Congratulations to all of the employee-owners at Vac-Con!