Establishing Brand Identity Through Printed Packaging with Nosco’s Brent Anderson

In early November, Brent Anderson, Nosco’s Business Development Manager, recently collaborated with Nutraceuticals World magazine to discuss how to establish brand identity through printed packaging. Check out his “Supplier Insights” Q&A session below!

Nutraceuticals World (NW): What should CBD brands consider when thinking about product packaging?
Brent Anderson: Packaging serves two primary roles: product protection and brand communication. In terms of product protection, it is important to review both logistical and sales-related channels when developing CBD product packaging. Key factors including warehousing and storage conditions, shipping, and durability requirements for on-shelf or online sales should all be considered.

When it comes to brand communication, packaging often makes the difference in purchasing decisions by the end user. For this reason, CBD brands should consider the most effective and clean means of communication in terms of brand differentiators and target markets, as well as decorative enhancement capabilities like spot varnishes, foil stamping, and embossing to highlight key messaging.

NW: What packaging/services does Nosco offer for the CBD market?
Anderson: Nosco offers full in-house printing capabilities for labels, cartons, flexible packaging, promotional materials, and other specialty packaging to support the complete packaging requirements of the CBD market. Additionally, Nosco offers 1:1 packaging development support for unique structures and functional packaging, as well as artwork development and design services through ArtFlo.

NW: What makes Nosco and its offerings unique compared to other packaging providers?
Anderson: Nosco is the first packaging provider with digital print capabilities in the U.S. for labels, cartons, and flexible packaging. This supports the evolving requirements and growth within the CBD industry by enabling the best lead times in the industry, and allowing for frequent copy changes without costly graphic and tooling charges.

Additionally, Nosco stands behind its Time Matters Promise, in which our collaborative teams provide service leadership through unmatched responsiveness. We recognize that time matters to our customers, which is why we put an emphasis on responsiveness, cycle times, on time delivery and documentation support—100% of the time. We get your packaging to you when you need it!

NW: What advice would you give companies trying to be mindful of the sustainability of their packaging?
Anderson: Sustainability continues to be a critical consideration for brands and consumers, especially when it comes to product packaging. As a brand, there are many options to focus on in terms of sustainability–all which can be incorporated in phases. Most brands look first to sustainable materials, which can include sustainably sourced papers, recyclable materials, and biodegradable/compostable materials.

Additionally, brands should consider the holistic impact of a move to sustainable materials, including effects on pricing, lead times, product durability, color control, and consumer market research.

Brands may also choose to promote sustainability through the utilization of digital print, which provides options for low minimum orders and quicker lead times–allowing for less inventory holding and lower obsolescence risk for brands with frequent copy changes. The process also utilizes less energy in manufacturing, no toxic solvents, and results in less waste during manufacturing.

When considering sustainably-focused packaging materials, brands should explore opportunities with providers partnered with organizations like the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Through these types of strategic partnerships, Nosco is able to work towards sustaining the future of printed packaging, all while helping brands promote sustainability on-product.

NW: How is digital printing changing the marketplace?
Anderson: Digital printing is shifting the paradigm of how brands can incorporate flexible packaging into their product portfolio. Consumer preferences also continue to move in the direction of flexible packaging. In fact, in a recent survey by the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), 71% of consumers said they preferred the flexible packaging format over non-flexible packaging (when given the choice).

Nosco is making flexible packaging easy through the use of digital print-reducing historically long lead times from 6-8 weeks down to 2-3 weeks. This is all accomplished while eliminating costly printing plates to support changes in copy, as well as adding the ability to incorporate variable data for product security and brand marketing.