Building Up Bridgeview: An Update on Our Facility Assets and Capabilities

Nosco’s Bridgeview facility is bustling with growth! Over the past few months, our team of employee owners has kept busy with increased demand from top customers across the board. To best serve your needs and increase facility efficiency, we are “building up Bridgeview” with several new assets to support your carton and StretchPak product lines.

The mix of these new assets will allow us to support customers, new and existing, with their ever-increasing packaging needs. The Bridgeview site remains critical to those customers that need ASI Food Safety certification.

Bridgeview is one of the fastest-growing sites at Nosco. We have People Operations team members on-site to help onboard new employee owners as quickly and efficiently as possible. Growing our labor force will enable our customers to grow with us, as we continue to expand into new products, markets and locations.

Here’s a look at some of the equipment being installed at  our Bridgeview facility to help serve you better!

Heiber + Schroder: WP Proliner Rotary Window and Carton Lining Machine
•    Adding a second windowing machine to the fleet.

Bobst: Novacut 106E Diecutter
•    Adding additional capacity.

Brausse: Eterna 1050 Hot Stamp and Diecutter
•    Bringing hot stamping capabilities in-house.

Komori: GLX40 6-Color + Coater Press
•    Adding additional capacity.

Komori: LS740P 7-Color 2/5 Perfector with UV Press
•    Adding the ability to print on both sides of a press sheet at once.

These new assets will help double Bridgeview's overall capacity to serve customers best!