FlexPack Facts: A Look at the State of the Flexible Packaging Industry

Did you know? Flexible packaging is the fastest growing packaging segment in the U.S. today and is now second in market size to corrugated. That's right, according to the Flexible Packaging Association, the flexible packaging segment grew 12.1% over the last year, and now holds 20% of the overall packaging market (compared to corrugated at 24%). Click here to see the market breakdown by segment, as reported in 2022.

In addition to flexible packaging's increased market share, its market segments are changing as well. Medical and pharmaceutical products now make up $5.5 billion out of a total of $39 billion. This equates to a market share of 14% (and growing) – making it the second largest end-use market segment in the United States. With Nosco's history of serving the pharmaceutical and OTC markets, we are thrilled to support additional customer growth in flexible packaging.

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