FlexPack Facts: Save Up to 56% in Shipping Costs by Making the Switch to FlexPack

If you are looking for a simple way to reduce shipping costs, energy use and your carbon impact on the environment – FlexPack is it. Want proof? In one of our first episodes of Nosco Unpacked, our engineering team studied the benefits of making the switch from plastic tubs to flexible packaging. During this exercise, they examined the potential energy, carbon and cost savings of making the switch to flexible pouches. Some highlights include:

  • A 56% decrease in shipping costs per unit
  • An 80% decrease in empty packaging weight
  • 8% less shelf space required
  • An 1800% increase in the number of packaging units per pallet

Click here for the full case study.

Supporting these findings, Phil Harrison from Dura-Pack (one of Nosco's valued partners) recently shared: In the same amount of storage space required to hold 100 bottles, brands can easily hold 2,800 flexible packaging pouches. Check out the full interview here.