Nosco Announces New Director of Environmental, Health and Safety

Nosco recently announced the addition of Jim Hillstrom to the team as Director of Environmental, Health and Safety. Jim has over 25 years of Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) experience in manufacturing, and the last 20 years in flexographic printing and packaging. Jim was brought on board to enhance Nosco’s programs in areas related to safety, regulatory compliance and environmental initiatives.

“We look forward to enhancing our focus and responsiveness within the environment, health and safety sector as Jim brings his wealth of experience to the team and as he implements important programs in this area,” said Craig Curran, Nosco President.

In addition to managing all aspects of EHS at Nosco, Jim will: 

  • Lead the Company Safety Steering Committee.
  • Manage Change Control events related to chemical and material changes.
  • Ensure compliance to all regulations applicable to Nosco printed packaging.
  • Manage all environmental data and reporting related to EHS and OSHA.
  • Coordinate response to all customer inquiries and requests related to EHS/ESG/CSR; Regulatory; Code of Conduct; and Change Control.

“I am really excited to dig in and be an integral part of Nosco’s continuing success,” said Jim Hillstrom," and to engage with our people to learn about their work life and discover ways to improve the environment, health and safety at the company. There’s nothing better than heading home when the workday is done, knowing that I made it safer and supported Nosco’s great customer base.”