Meet MSHN Air Cell by Nosco

Nosco is thrilled to introduce you to MSHN Air Cell… the direct-to-consumer (D2C) shipper with a unique air surround design to elevate your consumer unboxing experience.

MSHN Ready Packaging for OTC Drugs and Vitamins

Thoughtfully designed and produced from sustainably forested and recyclable materials, the MSHN Air Cell is engineered to:

•  Run on semi-automated cartoning equipment,

•  Withstand significant hits and drops during shipping,

•  And eliminate the need for void fill.

Key Features

  • Ample branding and marketing space
  • Familiar shape and user-friendly setup
  • Internal air surround to protect your product

Protect Your Budget with MSHN Air Cell

By eliminating the need for generic corrugate shippers and reducing labor required for void fill, brands can achieve immediate savings, while improving their environmental impact. Want to learn more? Be on the lookout for our upcoming whitepaper!

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