Vac-Con Named Manufacturer of the Year

Vac-Con, Inc. received the Manufacturer of the Year Award on Friday, September 27th at the annual First Coast Manufacturers Association (FCMA) Excellence Awards. This is the third year in a row in which Vac-Con has received this companywide accomplishment, going head-to-head with several global brands that operate facilities on the First Coast of Florida.

The Manufacturer of the Year is selected by the Board of Directors of the FCMA. All company members have the opportunity to submit a nomination form, which requires details on how the company has improved the economy, promoted environmental protection, focused on workforce education, and has committed to the First Coast Manufacturers Association over the past year. Each of the elements on the nomination form are integral parts of the Vac-Con annual plan.

"Though we were surprised to be honored with this accomplishment again, we are appreciative of the FCMA's understanding of our business, our goals, and our results," said Darrell LeSage, President. "We have worked closely with the FCMA for decades. They have been a part of our growth and development just as much as we have been a part of theirs. The resources, connections, and tools that the FCMA has provided to Vac-Con over the years have been critical to our success. We wouldn't be the company that we are today without their presence in our community."

To end the evening, the FCMA announced the presentation of an award that they do not give each year - the President's Award. This award is decided upon by the Board of Directors and the recipient is selected based on their tenure in the industry and support of manufacturing on the First Coast. Our very own Darrell LeSage was awarded the President's Award this year for his dedication to the FCMA and his influence on First Coast manufacturing. "It's an honor to be recognized in such a way and in front of so many peers and colleagues that I have come to respect in this industry," said LeSage. "The most important piece of manufacturing or business is people. It's all about placing people where they can make a difference, where their skills and strengths continue to build onto the team as a whole. FCMA has given myself and the company I represent, Vac-Con, the tools and resources to be who we are today."

The Vac-Con team with the 2019 Manufacturer of the Year Award and the President's Award - 2019 FCMA Excellence Awards - September 27, 2019