Antimicrobial Treated Coatings: A Nosco Consumer Health Solution

Now, more than ever, consumer health and hygiene is critically important. Cleaner surfaces and antibacterial products are the new normal, however, many protections are only temporary. The solution? Through Biomaster® Antimicrobial Coating Technology, brands can now incorporate a safe, long-lasting protective coating into their consumer-facing printed packaging.

Nosco is helping brands leverage the power of silver ions through the addition of Biomaster® to their printed packaging’s digital, flexo or offset printed varnish. After application, the clear and proprietary formula acts as a shield, while:

•   Providing durable print protection and color fidelity.

•   Supporting a 99% cleaner surface.

•   Promoting 24/7 antimicrobial product protection.

•   Lasting the lifetime of the product packaging.


Benefit consumers and keep cleanliness concerns at bay with Biomaster® Antimicrobial Coating Technology. In today’s ever-changing environment, this simple solution offers peace of mind in the retail space, as a tested on-package shield against potentially damaging microbes.

Through Nosco’s recent partnership with BiomasterUSA, brands now have the option to add Biomaster® Antimicrobial Coating Technology to their cartons and labels for an extra layer of protection. When choosing this option, brands also gain access to Biomaster® on-product logos and taglines promoting a 99% cleaner surface and 24/7 antimicrobial product protection.