Packaging Success: Apex Protein Snacks Meat Sticks

Nosco and Apex Protein Snacks were recently honored with a Silver Award for Printing. The winning entry was produced in partnership with Gordon Bruner, Nosco Packaging Advisor, at Nosco’s Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin facility.

In 2021, Apex was collaborating with another supplier, running this film using traditional plate-based printing. Due to the brand’s high number of SKUs, they constantly faced ever-increasing plate charges that would often take 6-8 weeks to switch over. At the time, the brand only had a handful of SKUs but planned to continue introducing new flavors and designs. Because of this, Apex needed a quicker turn, plate free print solution. Nosco’s ability to help with Apex’s pouches while maintaining consistent colors further allowed a growing print partnership.

A Word from Steven McBee, CEO and Co-Owner of Apex Protein Snacks

I have been working with Nosco for a year now, and it has been such a great partnership between my direct-to-consumer brand and the flexible packaging solutions that Nosco offers. Being able to stay flexible and change packaging to meet consumer demands has been vital to the success of my snack brand, and working with multiple product lines, ideas, and even last-minute changes, have been extremely easy to navigate with the help of Gordon and Kayla from the Nosco team. I look forward to many more years of working together! 

Congratulations to the Nosco and Apex teams!