Centralized Color Management System Implemented at Nosco

Imagine this – your big day just ended. Maybe you paid a photographer top dollar for the most expensive photo processing or maybe your cousin took the pictures and will have them processed at your local pharmacy. Either way, your memories are captured in color. Whether it’s an expensive photographer or your cousin, their reputation is on the line. The same is true for Nosco as a print supplier.

Your personal photo prints are produced slowly and color is simply accepted as is. In contrast, Nosco pressmen produce thousands of individual items each minute and items are scanned for color verification. This is because Nosco’s clients expect consistent color from run-to-run, plant-to-plant with their custom requests.

The latest tool that is helping keep Nosco a leader in color management is Esko’s Color Module. The Esko Color Module centralizes color management, reducing ten servers down to one. This will establish consistency by eliminating mistakes made from managing multiple color servers. It also ensures that all color is managed by the latest approved software and industry standards.

Additionally, Color Module adds a number of new and powerful capabilities, including the ability to:

  • Color match between different brand presses that otherwise would not match.
  • Match conventional print to digital print.
  • Color convert jobs to print on a four-color press that would normally need a 10-color press.
  • Automatically plan the most efficient digital ink set.
  • Add GCR capabilities that can improve makeready and match artwork.

Our new color management capabilities and expectations will do their part to help improve our commitment to strive to make your printed packaging successful every day!