Nosco Launches Exclusive EcoClear Film™ for StretchPak

Nosco recently announced the launch of its exclusive EcoClear™ Film for StretchPak and other carded packaging applications. This PVC-free film was strategically developed to meet the sustainability demands of major retailers and offer a crystal clear display for enhanced product appearance.

As leading brands announce commitments towards plastic packaging reduction, initiatives are emerging across the industry centered around advancing sustainability. From post-consumer recycled carton materials and water-soluble labels to biobased pouches and more, EcoClear Film™ was developed with Nosco’s Design for Environment (DfE) strategy in mind, and is the company’s first PVC-alternative that complies with international regulatory requirements. The film is a viable alternative to existing vinyl-based film materials, while eliminating widely used polyvinyl chloride materials that can be harmful to the environment.

“Nosco’s sustainability journey continually pushes the team to innovate and strategize on a variety of new components,” said Chris Verzal, Director of Solutions Engineering. “Our engineering and quality teams have worked to validate this new film on our customers’ lines to confirm the new material matches the functionality, security and performance that customers have come to expect from Nosco’s StretchPak product line.”

EcoClear Film™ is available in a variety of calipers ranging from three to five mils, and can be paired with 30% recycled content ReMagine® paperboard and curbside recyclable labels for additional sustainability benefits.

“We are now available for line trials and commercial orders,” said Verzal. “Our Solutions Engineers are available for consultations on any of our Nosco® Grow material offerings.”

Nosco currently holds a Silver EcoVadis Sustainability Rating, and has recycled over 7,800 tons of paper, aluminum and plastic from sustainable facility operations and processes.

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