Nosco Honored with Silver Award for Printing in Partnership with Reset360


After one year in the flexible packaging business, Nosco was awarded a Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) for its work on the Reset360 Large Format Pouch.

Judging criteria considered included:

  • The overall difficulty of the job.
  • The impact of the various materials used in the job.
  • Effectiveness of the finishing / converting techniques.
  • Any specialty processes administered.
  • The consumer’s usage experience, both aesthetics and functionality.

The Success Story
When Reset360 came to Nosco seeking a large format digital flexible packaging pouch with metallic color, Nosco’s team of engineers and graphics experts went to work on a solution.

Due to the fact that metallic print cannot be attained on press today, the team first recommended a metPET material for its metallic properties. They then paired this material with the appropriate screen values to allow for the desired metallic effect to show through –matching the metallic PMS color originally requested by the customer. White ink was then printed in the areas in which Reset360 did not want a metallic effect, which provided the clean look desired. Additionally, this pouch features 5 HP Indigo ElectroInk colors.

Click here to watch the announcement video! Congratulations to the Nosco team!