Dr. John Whyte Named MasterMinds 2023 Keynote Speaker

Nosco is pleased to announce that Dr. John Whyte, Chief Medical Officer for WebMD, will give a keynote presentation at MasterMinds 2023. In his keynote presentation, Dr. Whyte will discuss the immense potential of technological advancements to improve overall health and well-being. 

  • DISCOVER how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing diagnosis and treatment, enabling more accurate and personalized care.
  • EXPLORE the concept that health happens outside the doctor’s office through recent developments in wearable devices, telemedicine, remote monitoring and home lab testing.
  • ASSESS the shift from a physician-focused to a patient-driven model of care.
  • LEARN the recent trends in drug development and drug delivery.

This keynote will inspire you with a vision of a future where technology plays a vital role in enhancing healthcare accessibility, efficiency and outcomes. 


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Learn more at: Nosco.com/MM2023