Packaging Success: MegaFood® Women’s Ensemble Preconception Daily Multipack

Nosco and MegaFood were recently honored with a Gold Award for Expanding the Use of Flexible Packaging. The winning entry was produced in partnership with Stacy Falconer, Nosco Packaging Advisor, at Nosco’s Carrollton, Texas facility.

MegaFood® needed a child-resistant, senior-friendly flexible pouch for their Women’s Ensemble Preconception Daily Multipack product line. Due to the product’s high iron content, the brand previously packaged its product in child-resistant cartons, but recently switched to flexible pouches to save on costs. Through digital printing on the HP Indigo 20000 digital press, Nosco was able to save the brand more than half the cost of its previous packaging type.

A Word from Mia Shi Gagnon, Buyer Planner at MegaFood

My experience with Nosco was great! Stacy and Elizabeth are informative and fast to respond, they continue to hear what we are looking for and offer great product to suit our needs. While developing this product, we needed a packaging format that was child-proof, sleek looking, and [would allow us] to hit the market fast. Stacy stayed on top of it and was able to deliver what we wanted within two months. In addition, I love that there are so many innovations Nosco is able to offer, I'm always thrilled to hear Stacy's messages on their newly launched packaging formats (flexible film, pouch, sustainability innovation, etc.). I look forward to more collaboration with Nosco in the future!

Congratulations to the Nosco and MegaFood teams!