Nosco Package of the Week Highlight on Corks Popcorn

Corks Popcorn is a premium snack brand that believes in sustainability, quality and integrity. Offering its customers made-to-order popcorn batches, color is critical to this family-owned business. In 2022, Corks engaged the Nosco team looking for consistent color from run to run. The Cinnamon & Sugar Snickerdoodle Corks Popcorn pouch is an excellent example of the superior print quality achievable with the HP Indigo 20000 digital press. As a craft popcorn manufacturer that is focused on small batches and a high number of variations, Nosco’s digital flexible packaging workflow proved to be an ideal solution for the brand.

Through our work together, we were able to evaluate each individual SKU to ensure consistent file builds across the brand's flavor library. By doing so, it guaranteed color consistency not just from run to run, but also from SKU to SKU. The team was able to take advantage of a new white surface, metallized back polyester film and a soft touch laminate to help their packaging stand out.

"This all means that whether Corks places an order today or two years from now, they can rest assured that their color will match and look the same," said Kayla Mitchell, FlexPack Project Manager at Nosco.

Corks Popcorn's Cinnamon & Sugar Popcorn Pouch was recently named Package of the Week by Packaging Impressions Magazine. Click here to check out the featured video.