RFID Asset Live at Nosco's Packaging Innovation Center

We are thrilled to announce that Nosco’s Tamarack RFID Modular Versa-Web is up and running at the Packaging Innovation Center. The new Tamarack hit the ground running with its first live job on May 16, 2024. The new asset showcased its efficiency, completing the job in a matter of hours – a significant upgrade from the previous Bielomatik RFID machine. 

This new RFID asset is 10 times more productive than the old Bielomatik, with increased speeds and more lanes across. The machine is also fully equipped to meet the 2024 RFID labeling requirements for Sam’s Club, Walmart and other major brands. Nosco has a longstanding history with RFID, enhancing patient safety and ensuring product security with RFID-enabled tags and labels. Through the addition of the Tamarack, RFID-enabled packaging will become a more accessible option for our customers due to its operational efficiencies that can lead to more competitive pricing and quicker order turns.

As we look forward to growth in the retail, pharmaceutical and 503B markets, our LVS team is ready to ramp up production on the Tamarack. Randy Wright (Digital Label Value Stream Manager) and Chris Dwyer (CAD and Technical Label Manager) highlighted several benefits: “Adding the Tamarack to our other label assets at the PIC is fantastic. Our customers will enjoy better quality and improved tolerances through this new machine. Not only can we speed up our lead times, but Nosco also benefits from operator-friendly asset features, and reliable local support for parts and service.” 

The inaugural Tamarack RFID run ran four lanes across and was produced by Nancy Perez, Luke Sandowski, Valentin Ibarra, Fernando Guzman and Luis Martinez. 

We look forward to the new business opportunities the new Tamarack brings to Nosco as we leverage its capabilities to best serve our current and future customers. This is another example of how our recent investment will help Nosco continue to grow by providing packaging that helps our customers save lives, promote health and encourage happiness around the world.