Nosco Expands Its Flexible Packaging Operation with Solventless Lamination

For the first time in its flexible packaging history, Nosco, Inc., a subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc., now has the ability to construct application-based lamination structures. Through the addition of solventless lamination technology, Nosco strengthens its position as a packaging solutions provider, and gains the flexibility to utilize both thermal and solventless lamination to:

  • Streamline efficiency and improve turn times through added capacity,
  • Stabilize supply through diversified material options,
  • Broaden material options and flexibility, and
  • Customize solutions for specialty applications.

“Through the integration of solventless lamination, we now have the ability to build precisely what our customers need,” said FlexPack Growth Manager, Steve Krueger. “By optimizing the construction of materials, Nosco’s sustainability strategy is further reinforced by streamlining the production process.”

The addition of the solventless lamination capability is a testament to Nosco’s commitment to support its customers through strategic investments and new technologies. This investment reinforces the company’s position as a leader in the packaging industry, and further expands its ability to support one-to-one solutions.

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