Nosco Onboards Trayak EcoImpact-COMPASS Sustainability Software

Nosco recently onboarded Trayak EcoImpact-COMPASS sustainability software to help our customers make sound material decisions for their printed packaging. This platform serves as a packaging industry-specific tool to guide users to compare materials, manufacturing processes, transportation and more. For instance, if it is our customer’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Nosco’s Solutions Engineers can use the Trayak tool to provide them with a comparison and statistical data on GHG for all materials considered. Overall, the Trayak tool will help Nosco add value to customers by helping them progress towards their sustainability goals and serving as a differentiation tactic within our company’s thought leadership initiatives.

Nosco’s Solutions Engineering team will also continue to partner with raw material suppliers to develop new sustainable material offerings. To expand upon these efforts, Nosco will add a variety of converting equipment for multiple product lines to reduce energy usage and lower material waste. All new sustainable material offerings will be validated on this equipment, and serve as a key component to our sustainability strategy for innovative new products.

To ensure adoption and full usage of this converting equipment, our Solutions Engineering team will work to develop and engineer optimized structural designs and material options for Nosco’s customers. From concept through to production, Solutions Engineering is working to develop innovative packaging solutions that help our customers reduce their impact on the environment and ensure a sustainable world for future generations.