The Latest in Nosco Brand Protection in Partnership with Unisecure® – Systech’s e-Fingerprint® Technology

This spring, Nosco and Systech signed an agreement to develop e-Fingerprint technology to further enhance our brand protection portfolio.  This technology is superior to other security methods brands may use in their efforts to combat counterfeiting and diversion challenges.  Unlike variable printing and other more commonly used brand protection tools, counterfeiters cannot detect e-Fingerprinting, and the odds of defeating it are a trillion to one!

You may be thinking, “What is e-Fingerprint technology and what will it look like at Nosco in the near future?” The e-Fingerprint process starts with a standard carton or label that is printed with a static barcode or 2D code during a normal production run. Systech vision systems installed on Nosco’s manufacturing lines then capture tiny print variations within each printed code and pass that image through a software algorithm to generate a unique code, or e-Fingerprint. Throughout the production run, e-Fingerprint codes are uploaded to Systech’s cloud for future comparison and authentication. In a production run of millions or billions, not one item will have the same e-Fingerprint.

The unique e-Fingerprint for a carton or label has significant value and benefits to brand owners and consumers.  Once the e-Fingerprint codes are created and uploaded to the cloud, any product can be traced through the supply chain from the converter to the consumer and more.  This allows brand owners to combat diversion, retailers to authenticate products before receiving, and consumers can verify with an app on their smart device that the products they purchased are authentic. All of these benefits along with increasing customer engagement will be possible with e-Fingerprint technology from Systech and Nosco. 


  • Covert, Non-Duplicative and Secure
  • Easy for Supply Chain and Retail Partners to Validate
  • Affordable to Implement
  • Available at the Individual Item Level
  • Utilizes Existing Packaging Barcode

Recently, a Wall Street Journal article reported that 80 patients received fraudulent doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in Mexico. Had their labels been printed using this new technology, these fraudulent doses could have been identified.  This news article came on the heels of us signing our partnership with Systech and further reinforced that we were on the right path with this technology.  We are currently working with several customers to develop their e-Fingerprint security programs for the future.