Takeda Product Launch Success Story

The following success story was written and shared in partnership with Takeda’s Packaging Engineering team.

Nosco recently assisted Takeda, a major pharmaceutical company, with printed packaging for a large-scale product launch for oncology use. 


  • Takeda’s launch leaflets were produced in just 42 hours post proof approval:
    • Takeda leaflet artwork gained final approval at 12 pm (EST) on September 15. It was then provided to Nosco for proofing.
      • Takeda then received FDA approval at 2 pm (EST) on September 15.
    • Nosco shipped out the leaflets in the early morning on September 17.

To accomplish this, the Nosco and Takeda teams participated in weekly meetings to ensure that materials, dies and back up components were in place. 

Additionally, a custom launch timeline was developed outlining the time from which the FDA approved the drug to when Nosco was to ship. This timeline monitored each step down to the hour – ensuring all milestones were met on time.


Open three-way communication between Nosco, the brand owner and the contract manufacturing organization (CMO) allowed for proper planning, timing and execution.

From the time the final packaging proof was approved, Nosco was able to have product delivered in an impressive 42 hours! This allowed the total time from FDA approval to the first prescription written to be only 116 hours.

Here is what the customer had to say:

"The product launch’s speed to market could not have been possible without the Nosco team’s dedication and impressive delivery of the printed materials in 42 hours post proof approval. With the product in hand, we were able to package Friday afternoon and into the evening. This put us in the best position to release and ship. THANK YOU for your partnership."