Vac-Con Expands Production Capabilities with Engraver

Vac-Con Expands Production Capabilities with Engraver


The Vac-Con Graphics Department announced an upgrade to facility equipment with the installation of a new Epilog Engraver.


The Vac-Con Graphics Department is responsible for a range of jobs, including the designing, printing, and distribution of operational and safety information for each Vac-Con unit. Previously, these decals were made from a vinyl material processed through a commercial printer. Though effective, these decals were not always environment-resistant, and would fade or peel off over time. In addition, upgrades to paint processes and materials made the application of these decals almost impossible in recent days.


The new engraver machine gives Vac-Con the ability to design, engrave, and cut this information into hard plastic placards. This material improves overall durability as well as provides an upgraded aesthetic to unit appearance.


“We evaluated and analyzed our engraver needs for more than a year before making the decision to bring this capability in house,” said Caroline Brown, Marketing Manager. “Due to inconsistencies in pricing, quality, and lead times, we wanted to verify that an in-house engraver would not only be more efficient but cost-effective as well.”


In addition to production needs, the engraver has the ability to produce a range of sales and marketing materials as it can engrave and cut through various materials.


To see the engraver in action, check-out the test run here.