Vac-Con and Vector Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

Vac-Con and Vector Celebrate Milestone Anniversaries

In 1976, Vector Technologies, Ltd. was established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The goal of Vector was to design and manufacture custom trailer and skid-mounted equipment for industrial applications. Vector Technologies thrived and quickly became a leading manufacturer and designer of industrial vacuum loaders, dust collectors, and other hazardous waste removal equipment.


Meanwhile, in Green Cove Springs, Florida, Darrell LeSage set out with Dunbar Kapple to establish Vac-Con, Inc. in 1986. With just 12 employees, the original Vac-Con team used applied vacuum technology to develop a truck-mounted combination sewer cleaner to fulfill growing market demand.


In 2012, Vector Technologies became part of Holden Industries. This acquisition provided the opportunity for Vac-Con and Vector to make great strides in the trailer and skid-mounted markets utilizing each other's capabilities and strengths. In addition to offering Vector’s established industrial vacuum loader product line, the Vac-Con and Vector teams collaborated to develop combination, hydrovac, and jetter trailer-market product offerings.  


Today, Vac-Con and Vector are household names in the sewer cleaning, water jetting, and hydro-excavating industries. With more than 300 employee-owners and over 9,000 units operating in the field, Vac-Con and Vector continue to provide customers with innovative, powerful, and durable equipment to exceed operator expectations.


Congratulations to the employee-owners of Vac-Con and Vector on your 35th and 45th anniversaries!