Vector Technologies Overview

Vector Technologies, Ltd. is an industry-renowned manufacturer of trailer-mounted industrial vacuum machines, hydrovacs, combination vacuum jetters, and hydro-blast liquid recovery equipment.

In 2012, Holden Industries acquired Vector Technologies and placed it within the Vac-Con, Inc. subsidiary as a complimentary line of products.


Today, Vector Technologies continues to thrive in the industry and showcases its equipment both in conjunction with and separate from Vac-Con truck-mounted units at annual tradeshows and sales meetings.

With a manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Vector employs over 30 people to build their powerful yet portable machines.


In February of 2019, Vac-Con and Vector Technologies introduced a cobranded identity at the annual WWETT Show in Indianapolis, Indiana with the tagline One Company, Dual Power. The branding was designed to clarify to customers that Vector and Vac-Con were one company, providing users with a comprehensive portfolio of truck and trailer-mounted units to meet their needs.


Though significantly smaller than their truck-mounted counterparts, Vector trailer-mounted units offer power and precision demanded by customers. The benefits of owning a smaller unit range from economical value to jobsite area and surrounding environment. So whether customers are looking to outfit their teams with truck-mounted or trailer-mounted machines, Vac-Con and Vector have what it takes to get the job done.