Wildeck Tops Off 3rd Quarter Success with Taco Lunch at Waukesha, WI HQ

Wildeck Tops Off 3rd Quarter Success with Taco Lunch at Waukesha, WI HQ

On September 22nd, 2021 Wildeck employee-owners gathered around the front of the company’s Waukesha, WI headquarters to celebrate another successful quarter in 2021. A taco bar (or nacho bar, depending on food choice), had been prepared in the morning for first shift employees, and in the afternoon for second shift employees.

“We realize that our employees are really working in overdrive to meet customer demand in these market conditions, so we have no issue continuing monthly luncheons like these to show our appreciation.” Stated Mike Troka, Wildeck’s VP of Marketing. “With labor being tough to find, and demand for Wildeck product being at unprecedented levels, it just makes sense to reward our team for putting in the extra effort.”

The third quarter witnessed another strong performance in the books for both Wildeck’s Wisconsin and Arizona-based operations. 2021 Has been a fruitful year for Wildeck, and that does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

“As demand for our product continues to surge, the challenge is to manage our customer’s expectations and always provide superior level of customer service. We are continuously seeking ways to grow our capacity and workforce to fulfill this demand.”, told Mike.

Wildeck’s focus and commitment to its customers has remained strong in 2021. With the unwavering contributions of its employee-owners, Wildeck is confident that they will be finishing the year on a high note.