Wildeck Celebrates First Quarter Success at Waukesha, WI HQ

Wildeck Celebrates First Quarter Success at Waukesha, WI HQ

On May 5th, 2021 Wildeck celebrated a record-breaking first quarter in sales by hosting a cookout for all Wisconsin-based employees at its Waukesha HQ.

There was plenty to celebrate at the company-wide meeting, which included: employee birthdays and anniversary announcements (including milestone anniversaries), introduction of new employees, breakthroughs in company performance, and newly eligible employee-owners. The event brought together employees from all (3) of Wildeck’s southeastern Wisconsin facilities; all of which were served hotdogs and hamburgers in the front of the Waukesha HQ. Employees from Wildeck’s Pewaukee, WI-based manufacturing facility arrived at the Waukesha cookout together in a retired military vehicle, courtesy of a fellow employee who had previously served as a mechanic in the service.

“When hard work pays off, it truly is something special, and the amount of hard work that went into this record-breaking quarter needed to be recognized. That is why we had no problem taking a break to celebrate the contributions of our employee-owners.” Stated Mike Troka, VP of Marketing at Wildeck.

In addition to lunch, Holden Industries ESOP-themed (Employee Stock Ownership Program) giveaways were handed out to each employee-owner within the organization. This was a part of Holden Industries’ corporation-wide “Own It” campaign – which is aimed to inform, educate, and promote the benefits employee-ownership.