Wildeck Provides Special Galvanized Mezzanine for Outdoor Use

Wildeck Team’s Up with Industrial Shelving Systems to Provide Outdoor Galvanized Mezzanine for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources needed a place to put their 3,000lb Environmental Control Structure that collects data to read the Air Quality for St. Louis, MO that would keep it well out of reach from potential Flood Waters.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources contacted Tom Compton with Industrial Shelving Systems (ISS) / ISS Material Handling, a longtime and trusted Wildeck dealer. Tom went out for a site visit to determine the best application for their new structure. Tom, along with Wildeck’s sales and engineering teams, were able to spec an Outdoor Galvanized Steel Mezzanine to support the 3,000lb Environmental Control Structure. The Environmental Control Structure had runners installed on the bottom side, and Wildeck was able to engineer the mezzanine to have beams directly under the runners to distribute the large 3,000lb load and allow for proper anchoring.

Why a Galvanized Steel Mezzanine? Galvanizing is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent rust formation. The zinc coating prevents corrosive substances from reaching the metal underneath. This was important for an outdoor structure in an area that floods frequently. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources now has a robust, safe and well-supported Wildeck Mezzanine for their Environmental Control Structure to collect Air Quality Data.