Wildeck Releases Upgraded Vertical Step Over Crossover Model

Wildeck Releases Upgraded Vertical Step Over Crossover Model

Wildeck’s reliable and economic Vertical Step Over Crossover (VSO) is now equipped with (8) adjustable feet that provide up to 6” of additional height. With this addition, the Vertical Step Over Crossover model is now both horizontally and vertically adjustable, greatly improving installation flexibility onsite. No more headaches while dealing with uneven concrete slabs or variance in conveyor height. With adjustable clear height, the VCO can adapt to these common obstacles on-the-fly!


About Wildeck Vertical Stepover Crossovers

Wildeck’s Vertical Step Over Conveyor Crossovers allow personnel to comfortably and safely step over single/double conveyor configurations or other material handling/automated systems that are commonly found in industrial work environments, such as distribution centers. Constructed with 1½” diameter steel tube and diamond plate treads for increased traction, they offer a safe and stable climbing experience for personnel as they maneuver over conveyor lines to complete daily tasks.

The Vertical Step Over (VSO) crossover is quick to install along new or existing conveyors/automated systems and can be designed for maximum horizontal clears of up to 72”.  For dual conveyors with a gap a center step is available.  The standard handrail clearance above the rollers to the underside of the handrail is 36”. Each foot of the VSO crossover can be adjusted individually for up to 6” of additional height (by rotating along threading and tightening each jam nut), which is most commonly applied in situations where concrete slabs are uneven or the vertical height of the conveyors vary from the planned height.


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