Wildeck Innovates, Improves Production Process for VRC Panels

Recent advancements in the production process for Wildeck’s VRC Panels have resulted in significant cost reductions and efficiency improvements. The original manufacturing process involved five labor-intensive steps: sawing, trimming, hand-layout of holes and slots, hole punching, and slot punching. However, thanks to a collaborative effort led by NPD Engineering and involving cross-functional teams from VRC Engineering, Manufacturing, and Purchasing, Wildeck has successfully streamlined this process into just two steps: laser cutting and brake forming.

The key to the improved production process is the adoption of a slot and tab design for the panels. This design not only simplifies the assembly process but also eliminates the need for extensive measuring and fit-up time. Moreover, it ensures that mid-panel bracing can no longer be installed incorrectly or upside down, reducing the chances of errors during welding.

One of the most significant benefits of this new process is the substantial reduction in fabrication time. By eliminating multiple steps, Wildeck has managed to cut fabrication time in half for these panels (50 minutes with the previous process; 29 minutes for the new process), resulting in both time and cost savings. This innovation not only enhances the efficiency of Wildeck’s production line but also improves the overall quality and consistency of its VRC panels.