FlexPack Material Highlight: Cellulose-Based Roll Stock

Impress consumers with Nosco's premium and functional cellulose-based roll stock material for stick packs and more. This new material combines foil, SURLYN™ and cellulose-based laminate, and was developed with several goals in mind:

  • Maximum product and print protection
  • Efficient and sustainable digital printing
  • Easy tearing (without laser scoring or special tear notches)
  • Effective filling on high-speed vertical form fill machines

To demonstrate the benefits of this new material, Nosco recently partnered with Viking Masek at PACK EXPO 2022. Together, our teams ran Nosco's cellulose-based roll stock material live on Viking's ST600 vertical form fill stick pack machine. The live results were a success!

"This film is great quality," said Jacob Resnick, Marketing Manager at Viking Masek. "Thank you again for all of your support."

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