Nosco Rolls Out New Certified Child-Resistant Flexible Packaging

In recent months, Nosco’s marketing, sales and engineering teams came together to collaborate on a child-resistant flexible packaging option suitable for a variety of brands across the board. In a more recent rollout, the team developed Certified Child-Resistant (CR) Pouches, compliant with the Poison Prevention Act, Title 16 CFR 1700. 

The interlocking functionality of the certified CR zipper allows for:

  • Relocking with each closure
  • Ability to print with brand artwork and specifications
  • Bracketed sizes for increased cost control and speed to market

With iron-containing supplements being the leading cause of fatal poisoning in children under six, CR packaging serves the critical role of protecting consumers, as well as a company’s brand reputation. 

A custom certified CR package typically requires a lengthy testing and validation process that can take up to six months. The process can also add significant costs. However, brands that work with Nosco can tap into our bracketed range of pre-certified CR pouches, which can be printed and delivered in just 3-4 weeks. 

Learn more about our certified CR pouches on our Nosco Unpacked YouTube channel: