Wildeck’s Delta Lift helps Dealer Solutions & Design Save Time

Wildeck’s long time dealer, Dealer Solutions & Design, Shares Their Experience with the Delta™ Lift VRC

Dealer Solutions and Design (DSD) has partnered with Wildeck, Inc. for many years to provide effective storing, lifting, guarding, and high access solutions for its clients in the automotive industry. For freight lifts, DSD uses Wildeck’s Delta™ Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC). Wildeck’s Delta Lift is the cost of a hydraulic unit but has the benefits of a mechanical lift.

“We work with clients in the automotive industry that require fast design, installation, and equipment that can withstand significant weight and constant use – especially when it comes to material lifts,” said Brian Pechin, DSD project manager. “With the Wildeck Delta Lift VRC, the choice is simple – easy installation and durability.”

DSD manages site plan analysis and workflow optimization for automotive facilities nationwide, therefore simplicity is key. “With the Delta Lift VRC, installation is straightforward,” said Pechin. “It ships in large sections and installs in less than a day; therefore, it isn’t difficult to find installers who are comfortable with the unit. It saves significant costs on construction.”

In addition to product simplicity, working through the process from specification to installation is uncomplicated. “From start to finish, it’s very efficient,” said Pechin. “We provide the Wildeck team with our project specs and they determine the right product needs for the space. We then move forward with order and install.”

The main reason customers of DSD are happy with the Delta Lift is because of its reliability. It saves them money in overall maintenance and lost time due to broken equipment. “We have very few maintenance callbacks,” said Pechin. “It doesn’t break is the feedback I get from customers, so naturally, it’s a no-brainer for us.”


Wildeck’s Delta Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor (VRC) is a safe and reliable way to transfer material between floor levels. Wildeck’s unique and innovative design provides a VRC that is not only durable and reliable, but extremely easy to maintain. To learn more about Wildeck’s Delta Lift, click here.