E.L. Industries on the Move in Post-COVID World

E.L. Industries is the export arm of Vac-Con, Inc., distributing environmental and safety products and equipment to customers across the world.

The impact of COVID-19 drastically affected the E.L. business in 2020 as global economies were put on hold during quarantine shutdowns. This was especially felt in some of E.L.’s busiest markets such as China, South America, and the Middle East.

As vaccine distribution increases and economies return to more normal business operations, the team at E.L. Industries has not hesitated in ‘getting back out there.’ The essential products that E.L. distributes to municipalities, governments, and private contracting businesses are necessary to keep sanitation and emergency services operating without issues. Due to the importance of these products, the return of business has not been lacking.

So far in 2021, E.L. Industries has delivered significant unit orders to Brazil, China, and Costa Rica. The most common units to these areas include Vac-Con combination and recycling machines as well as Marion fire trucks and equipment.

“Though 2021 has started out slower than previous years, we are optimistic of the months and year to come as our customers return to business as usual,” said Daniel Bodendorfer, Managing Director of E.L. Industries. “The equipment we distribute is essential for communities and cities to thrive, and E.L. Industries is ready to provide that to our customers.”