Julie Cupit Celebrated for 45 Years with Vac-Con

Julie Cupit Celebrated for 45 Years with Vac-Con

Julie Cupit, Director of Supply Chain, Purchasing, and People Operations will celebrate her 45th anniversary with Vac-Con on February 17, 2021.

Julie began her career in 1976 with the predecessor company to Vac-Con – Dunbar Kapple – and has been a staple to the development and growth of the Vac-Con business since its founding in 1986.

As a founding employee of Vac-Con, Julie has held various roles during her tenure and has been instrumental in supply chain, purchasing, and people operations functions and processes.

If you ask those who work with or for Julie, they would tell you that she is a focused and dedicated professional that understands the importance of her role and responsibilities. Julie must maintain the critical balance of parts and goods coming into the facility to be used to build machines and does so with a precision reflective of her 45 years of experience.

Over the course of Vac-Con’s 35 years in existence, Julie has been instrumental in developing and promoting the People Operations department, which included the formation of the Employee Stock Ownership Program in 2007. Julie is an avid promoter of employee recognition and equality and continues to provide this support to each employee-owner.

To Todd Masley, President, Julie is what he considers to be a ‘silent leader.’ This isn’t to say that Julie does not speak her mind or provide her ideas for projects and strategies. Rather, Julie is strategically outspoken and is a firm advocate for the tactics that she directly oversees. However, there are times when Julie does not need to voice anything at all. She guides with her presence and confidence and is a true team player through and through.

We are honored to celebrate this anniversary milestone with Julie and wish to extend our most gracious words of appreciation.

Congratulations and thank you!