Nosco Purchases Award-Winning Komori GX40RP advance

The following release was adapted from the original release by Komori America on “Komori in the News” on October 20, 2022.

Komori, in partnership with Nosco President, Craig Curran, recently announced Nosco’s purchase of one of Komori’s award-winning GX40RP advance. The press was configured to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical packaging space and will help support additional capacity and growth at Nosco.

In support of Nosco’s growth goals, the GLX940RP advance is uniquely configured to meet the specific needs of the company’s rapidly expanding pharmaceutical packaging business, which serves more than 450 of the major pharmaceutical companies across the United States. The GLX940RP advance, a recipient of the industry-renowned InterTech™ Technology Award, is a dedicated two-sided printing press that makes it possible for Nosco to provide up to eight-color printing on the outside and one color on the inside of the package that many pharmaceutical packaging applications require.

“We made the investment in the Komori GLX940RP advance, because we are seeing a lot of new growth in the number of drug products coming to the market,” said Craig Curran. “We needed the extra capacity to support this growth… and are particularly excited about its advanced automation features and the non-stop production capability.”

Nosco’s GLX940RP advance is a fully optioned press that includes Komori’s Full-AAPC Asynchronous Automatic Plate Change and KHS-AI learning interface that:

  • Achieves very short makeready times
  • Significantly reduces paper waste
  • Allows for fully-automatic color and register control

“One of the key drivers for us in purchasing the Komori press was to support these new projects, which I think are revolutionary and will help people lead healthier lives,” said Curran. “Our mission at Nosco is to provide packaging that helps our customers make people healthier and saves lives, and this investment allows us to do that by providing the capabilities to meet their needs.”

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