Nosco’s FlexPack Operation Goes Live in Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin

Nosco is proud to announce that its flexible packaging operation is now live at its Packaging Innovation Center in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Over the past few weeks, Nosco has continued to ramp up into full flexible packaging production with the help of its Texas-based employee owners. Early last week, Nosco’s FlexPack Growth Manager, Steve Krueger, announced that the line was fully operational and that Nosco’s first FlexPack shipments were released.

“A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to our Texas team, as their assistance has been instrumental in training our Wisconsin staff on all things flexible packaging,” said Krueger.

Both the Wisconsin and Texas teams will continue to work together to support the FlexPack operation over the coming weeks to ensure a successful transition. Details below.

Relocation Status
As reported above, the HP 20000 has passed Nosco’s installation and validation process, and is fully operational. The Pleasant Prairie FlexPack team also recently finished validating our laminator, slitter and pouching line.

This was all completed days ahead of schedule – something our teams are very proud of.

Innovation and Growth

Last week, several of Nosco’s FlexPack team members spent time at PackExpo in Chicago, Illinois! At the show, they partnered with Viking Masek to showcase a new cellulose-based roll stock solution for stick packs and more. This impressive premium material offers:

  • Easy tearing without laser scoring or notches
  • Excellent sealing and barrier properties
  • Premium digital print and durability

This week, the team will be attending SupplySide West to help unpack packaging innovations and sustainable packaging with a variety of customers.