Introducing Nosco Unpacked: Nosco’s Official Thought Leadership Channel

At Nosco, we're committed to making flexible packaging easy! That is why we are so excited to announce the official launch of our YouTube channel, Nosco Unpacked! On this channel, we will dive into trending topics in the printed packaging industry like:

  • Sustainability and Packaging Innovations
  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain
  • How Our Flexible Packaging Products Are Made and More

Here’s a look at our first two episodes of Nosco Unpacked – live now at!

Episode 1:
Join us for our first episode, as we unpack going from a rigid bottle with a label to an all-in-one flexible package. In the video, Steve, Nosco’s FlexPack Product Manager, and Kayla, a Nosco Packaging Advisor, discuss:

  • What Bottle to Flex Means
  • The Benefits of Switching from Bottle to Flex
  • The Sustainability Story of Bottle to Flex


Episode 2:
Join us as we unpack the details of polyethylene recyclable films for flexible packaging, just one of many of our sustainable film options. In this video, Steve discusses:

  • What Polyethylene Recyclable Materials Are
  • Applications and Products Suitable for This Material
  • The Sustainability Story of PE Recyclable Films

Videos will be distributed bi-weekly via YouTube and other social media channels. Please be sure to like and subscribe!