A Remarkable Story for the New Year

Back in 1980, Nosco installed a brand new 6C offset press with the help of a new maintenance technician named Brett Moe. Over the years, Brett grew his career at Nosco, and later became our maintenance director.

Fast forward to present day. We recently removed that same 6C offset press (40 years later), but now under the leadership of Brett and his team. But his leadership didn’t end there, as an organization, we also prepared our insert / commercial facility for two machines from our Gurnee South location. An incredible accomplishment!

“There are not many print companies around for 40+ years, and there are not many presses that last 40 years either,” said Craig Curran, President. “But even more importantly, there are not many companies who have high-quality employees with 40 years on the job like we do at Nosco.”

Thank you for your leadership and years of service, Brett! We are happy to have you.