Storm Prep: Hurricane Season and Vac-Con Machines

Vac-Con manufacturing facilities ‘dodged a bullet’ the first week of September with Hurricane Dorian skirting along the First Coast of Florida. As hurricane season moves into full swing, Vac-Con operators up and down the East Coast are strategizing both preventive maintenance and recovery plans.

In the days leading up to Dorian’s visit in the Jacksonville, Florida area, ONETOUCHSERVICE associates cleared out storm drains on Vac-Con property in a move to mitigate additional flooding in a flood-prone area. Local operators will no doubt be utilizing their Vac-Con units now that the storm has passed to clean out storm drains and catch basins that have been affected by debris from storm surge and high winds.

Vac-Con recommends that municipalities and contractors have a storm preparation plan in place, and complete preventive maintenance in the days leading up to these storms to ensure that communities have a better chance of draining properly. All drains and catch basins that tend to puddle in a normal rain shower should be addressed immediately as they could be catastrophic paired with a major weather event.

Over time, many drains will experience a build-up of debris such as branches, dirt, sand, leaves, and even garbage which can lead to blockages and back-ups. It is imperative that residents attempt to keep everything except water from running into these storm drains. Don’t blow your leaves into the storm drain! However, back-ups can occur naturally and when they do the need for high-pressure water and a powerful vacuum is required to clean it up.

Both truck and trailer-mounted units can be used for this type of clean-up and prep work. If the jobsite is in a tight, urban area operators should utilize trailer-mounted machines such as the Vector line of equipment to provide a quick and effective solution to clearing lines.

For drains that feed a multitude of homes and businesses such as large developments, a truck-mounted combination machine is the best option to effectively complete the task.

If you are preparing your preventive maintenance and recovery plans and have questions regarding your Vac-Con equipment, contact our unit experts at 904.284.4200. We are here to help you be prepared for Hurricane Season 2019!