Wildeck Provides Mezzanine for Sunset Ford

Sunset Ford Looks Up to Expand Parts Room


Sunset Ford, located in St. Louis, Missouri, stands as one of the oldest family-owned and operated Ford dealerships in the country. As the dealership expanded its product offerings to include powertrain, sheet metal, and bumper covers, their parts storage facility faced a critical challenge. The current space was unable to accommodate the growing inventory, requiring a solution that capitalized on unused overhead space to enhance organization and efficiency.

Seeking a Solution:
In their quest to optimize their parts storage room, Sunset Ford turned to Industrial Shelving Systems, Inc. (ISS), a reliable Wildeck dealer specializing in material handling and storage equipment solutions. Recognizing the potential of Wildeck's industrial mezzanines (steel work platforms), Sunset Ford found an ideal match for their needs. A mezzanine offers a minimally disruptive way to create additional square footage for storage, working, or manufacturing requirements, perfectly aligning with Sunset Ford's objectives.

Overcoming Challenges:
During the project's execution, Sunset Ford encountered a challenge that required careful problem-solving. The dealership's owner expressed hesitancy towards having columns on the wall across from their existing stairwell. Wildeck's engineers addressed this concern by skillfully cantilevering the mezzanine 60 inches. This creative solution thrilled the owner and ensured a seamless integration of the new space without compromising the existing layout.

Success and Reflection:
Upon completion, the mezzanine project was deemed a resounding success. Sunset Ford efficiently utilized the additional overhead space while achieving superior organization in their parts storage area. The solution allowed the dealership to enhance its overall productivity and meet the demands of a growing inventory with ease.

Feedback from Sunset Ford's General Manager, Justin Heutel, and Parts Manager, Brian Noeth, highlighted their satisfaction with the outcome and the collaborative process of working with Wildeck's team of engineers. The partnership with ISS and Wildeck exemplified the commitment to delivering excellence and customer satisfaction:

“This was very well thought out and flexible to our needs. The stairs are great, the diamond plates are so nice. They’re 4-foot wide so we can carry up our larger boxes very easily.” – Brian Noeth, Parts Manager

“Once we started stocking Powertrain, Sheet Metal and Bumper Covers – we knew our old space would not cut it. This space has been crucial to our growth. Our old Parts Storage area only had 7-foot ceilings. Being able to utilize all this open-air space has doubled our storage capacity and allowed our Parts sales to increase to over one million a month.” – Justin Heutel, General Manager