CalTrans Uses Vac-Con Truck for Flood Remediation

CalTrans Uses Vac-Con Truck for Flood Remediation

Flash floods in Alpine County, California caused unexpected damage to roadways earlier this month. Culverts in the area were inundated by the high volume of water, causing debris and large items such as tree branches and rocks to block normal flow under county roads. Some areas saw roadways completely washed out, as the water found other ways around, over, and through the culverts.

As a part of the remediation process, CalTrans used their Vac-Con machines to jet the debris out of the blocked culverts and allow water to flow properly once again.

CalTrans has been a Vac-Con customer since 2005 and boasts a fleet of Vac-Con combination machines. These units are available and ready for instances just like this in Alpine County, assisting communities in a return to normal after natural disasters and flooding.

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