Vac-Con C70 Nozzle Featured on Industry Website

Vac-Con C70 Nozzle Featured on Industry Website

Dig Different Magazine, a leading publication and digital platform for the sewer cleaning and hydro-excavation industry, featured the C70 Nozzle by Vac-Con in their May eNews.

Mike Selby, Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Vac-Con, explains the impressive benefits and all-new analytics program that the C70 provides to operators. The C70 Nozzle was a showcased product at the 2022 WWETT Show in Indianapolis this past February. Vac-Con has exclusively offered the nozzle to market for the past 4 years, but new upgrades and improvements to the system make it a premium nozzle product.

The C70 is offered in a kit including the nozzle which features a built-in upright HD camera, eight pressure switched LEDs, eight interchangeable jet inserts, wireless video downloading, and a rugged tablet with GPS. The Sewer Analytics program provides visibility, storage, and maintenance functions not found in competitor products.

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