Celebrating Employee-Ownership at Vac-Con

Celebrating Employee-Ownership at Vac-Con

Each October, Holden Industries and its subsidiaries celebrate Employee Ownership month. This gives each company an opportunity to educate their employees about the benefits of working for an ESOP company and drive excitement and engagement about employee ownership.

Vac-Con celebrated with a company-wide fried chicken lunch made fresh on site. During lunch, the Vac-Con ESOP Committee tested employees’ knowledge about company history and some ESOP basics, with winners receiving Vac-Con branded YETI tumblers. In addition, newly eligible employees were recognized in front of their peers.

The ESOP Committee wrapped up the event by talking about important features of the ESOP and where they can go to find more information or ask questions.

Overall, the Vac-Con ESOP celebration was a success by showing recognition to employees as well as driving awareness of their retirement potential through Holden Industries, Inc.